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After the providers submit their bids we evaluate their offerings and conduct a detailed bid comparison.

When comparing bids we especially focus on:

  • Does the offer match the requirements?
  • What is not in scope?
  • Where are the provider’s exceptions?
  • What needs to be specified and clarified?
  • Where do providers differ in solution, scope and costs?
  • What are your tradeoffs between cost and quality?

Furthermore ODENWÄLDER CONSULTING conducts a risk assessment of the proposed contract wording.

ODENWÄLDER CONSULTING analyses service provider’s draft contracts with regard to:

  • Demarcation of scope of work and responsibilities
  • Clarity and consistency of the terms used
  • Definition of measurements and their applicability
  • Compatibility of the milestones and target dates
  • Contract contradictions

Furthermore we identify blind spots, where clear requirements or rules are needed but not yet included in the drafted contract such as:

  • Benchmark rights and procedures
  • Escalation and dispute resolution procedures
  • Compensation for non-compliance with service levels
  • Delegations and Authorities
  • Dedicated contact roles and focal points

Our contract risk assessment helps to improve the quality of the contract as well as the cooperation between customer and provider to provide the best possible outcome. It also raises the client’s awareness where risks have to be managed proactively.