ODENWÄLDER CONSULTING provides a professional Contract Analysis of your outsourcing contract. Such a contract analysis represents a prerequisite to:

  • Manage transition plans and outsourcing processes
  • Track contract deliverables and obligations and their due dates
  • Convey relevant contract knowledge to contract management team members
  • Set up a Governance Structure and Governance Processes
  • Facilitate the planning of the transition and transformation project
  • Raise awareness of deliverables and obligations and their due dates
  • Make enforceable service-levels and performance reporting explicit
  • Achieve high performance

ODENWÄLDER CONSULTING’s professional contract analysis represents a key asset to increase and improve the client’s control over the outsourcing processes and the service provider.

ODENWÄLDER CONSULTING’s Contract Analysis comprises lists of:

  • Contract deliverables and their due dates
  • Recurring events and milestone dates
  • Contractually required roles
  • Governance Boards and Meetings
  • Documentation obligations e. g. Contents of Operations and Procedures Manuals
  • Reporting obligations
  • Rules of conduct conventions
  • Contract references to service baselines (scope, SLA, resource volumes)
  • References to contract sections relevant for business processes
  • Tables of Contents of Contract Schedules and Annexes
A Contract Analysis delivers significant benefits for virtually all business sectors. Managers benefit from structured tables of contractual obligations, related dates and accountable people. A contract analysis saves time and speeds up the transition start.

Contract Managers see:

  • What can be requested from service providers, as well as when and how
  • Which deliverables have to be handed over by the service provider and when
  • When can a benchmark option be exercised
  • What conditions apply to selected business processes
  • What roles and responsibilities have to be assigned
  • Which boards and committees are to be formed

Financial Managers receive:

  • A list of contractually agreed dates for payment
  • Hints on plans which have to be periodically aligned

Transition and Project Managers receive:

  • Tables showing contract deliverables, their due dates and critical milestones

Service Managers know:

  • Where to look up the contractually agreed baselines and service levels (scope) in the contract, without having to study the entire contract
  • The basis of a performance measurement and baseline (Scope) management
  • The service provider’s reporting obligations

Personnel Managers learn

  • What activities must take place by when in the context of a personnel transfer