Dr. Klaus F. Odenwälder

Dr. Klaus F. Odenwälder is founder and CEO of ODENWÄLDER CONSULTING.
He has over 20 years of experience in various outsourcing functions for IBM and more than 10 years as Project Team Leader and Contract Manager in new IT outsourcing deals.

Dr. Odenwälder worked with a large variety of international outsourcing clients from SMEs to ‘mega-deals’.


Some highlights from his consultancy and project management experience are:

  • Initiation and Set up of Transition and Transformation Projects
  • Analysis of IT Outsourcing Contracts with regard to deliverables and process relevancy
  • Management and control of one-off, continuous, and recurring contract deliverables and obligations
  • Set up of Governance Systems, their boards and committees, and governance processes
  • Adjustment of business processes in response to contract and client’s requirements
  • Set up and implemention of service delivery and contract management processes
  • Implementation of Demand Management / Request Management Processes
  • Documentation of service delivery and contract management processes
  • Transfer and dissemination of process- and contract knowledge to contract management teams
  • Introduction of baseline and scope management systems
  • Optimization and Standardization of IT and business processes