ODENWÄLDER CONSULTING supports you in setting up a cross-company demand and request management process for project and contract changes. We jointly develop your company’s internal request and approval work-flow as well as the Request Governance Agreement with your provider.

In a Request Governance Document the business partners agree on:

  • Clear lines of communication detailing how to submit requests and orders
  • Meeting structure to review the end-to-end Request Management Process
  • Authorized requesters and approvers, and their delegation limits by request type and business unit
  • Standards and tool set to be used
  • Request reports (contract required, volume, frequency)
  • How to measure request cycle time

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) notions “change“ and “change management“ cover a vast variety of request types. Hence ITIL focuses primarily on changes in IT operations, it neglects the “contract change management process” needed in outsourcing situations.

ODENWÄLDER CONSULTING complements the process landscape with a proposal and a contract change management process.