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Changing a client’s internal IT management system to a client-provider relationship requires a professional project management. Therefore clients rely on ODENWÄLDER CONSULTING’s support and our extensive experience in transition and transformation management.

  • Coverage of contract deliverables by transformation work-streams
  • Assigning contract deliverables owners
  • Transition sub-project plans to reflect contract deliverables, their due dates and milestones
  • A transition project office tracks and controls the completion of transition and contract deliverables
  • Alignment of transition project plans between client and service

ODENWÄLDER CONSULTING establishes a Transition and Transformation (T&T) Governance System:

  • A detailed governance system which defines the interfaces, roles, boards and responsibilities to manage the Transition and Transformation
  • The procedures that govern the code of collaboration to manage the client provider relationship and the outsourcing contract.
Based on a professional contract analysis ODENWÄLDER CONSULTING makes sure that all deliverables will be reflected in the transition sub-project plans (work streams) and in the overall transition and transformation project plan.


  • Review the sub-projects project descriptions (Project Scope Definitions), its time lines, deliverables, acceptance criteria and work break down structure
  • Ensure that all members of the client project team understand how the project will be managed and their roles within the management process
  • Document the contractually required roles and reinforce their assignments
  • Document any deviations from agreed policies and changes
  • Prepare agreements on Status Review Boards, Milestone and Project Health Reports, and Deliverables Acceptance Procedures
ODENWÄLDER CONSULTING supports clients as well as service providers to perform Joint Verification and Due Diligence through:

  • Coordination of Joint Verification and Due Diligence activities
  • Data validation in-scope work activity, baseline volumes and service level performance
  • Verification of IT Environment and Operations, existing processes and procedures and existing contractual agreements with subcontractors
  • Assessment of Assets, Third Party Contracts and In-Flight projects
  • Recording of Joint Verification and Due Diligence findings
  • Reconciliation of discrepancies and processing of contract changes if needed
ODENWÄLDER CONSULTING coordinates and supervises the transfer of Third Party Contracts to the new service provider:

  • Assessment of Third Party Contracts
  • Analyzing Third Party Contracts with regard to transfer allowance
  • Obtaining Third Parties consent to transfer the contract to the new service provider
  • Monitoring and reviewing the status of Third Party Contract transfer
  • Documenting the contract ownership of Third Party Contracts, its operational and financial responsibilities
  • Set up of an adequate governance regarding Third Party Service Providers
ODENWÄLDER CONSULTING supports clients and their Project Management Office (PMO) to set up an efficient T&T Projects Control Process:

  • Coordination of T&T activities, schedules, and resources
  • Tracking of Milestones and Due Dates
  • Monitoring of the project health and the fulfillment of deliverables
  • Control of project deliverables acceptances

Project Change Requests are common and ask for a structured project change procedure. ODENWÄLDER CONSULTING support the client and service provider to set up an efficient project change process.

We set up and manage a cross-company change management request process and optimize the time to market, increase transparency, define responsibilities and Key Performance Indicators



If a client terminates an outsourcing contract it is necessary to collaborate with the incumbent and succeeding supplier to secure a smooth transition. ODENWÄLDER CONSULTING offers transfer assistance and will plan, prepare and coordinate the transfer activities to achieve a seamless transition to the succeeding supplier.